Michael Fulton – Robotics PhD

I study robotics at the University of Minnesota

I am a PhD candidate in computer science at the University of Minnesota, focusing on robotics. I study marine and field robotics, human-robot interaction, and applications of computer vision and machine learning to robotics. I am particularly interested in applications of robotics that better our society and the world around us: environmental monitoring, conservation biology, etc.

A selection of my research

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Marine and Field Robotics

I work with the Aqua AUV and helped to lead the development of a new AUVs LoCO. My work with these AUVs includes software and hardware development, maintanence and upkeep, as well as deployments in numberous water environments.

Human-Robot Interaction

I study the ways the humans and robots can communicate with one another safely and effectively. Currently, my focus is on HRI for underwater vehicles using gestural languages on both ends. I have also developed other methods for robot-to-human communication, and am developing

Applications of Computer Vision

Computer vision is a powerful tool for robot perception. Cameras are cheap, passive sensors that can be fit into most robots. For this reason, developing intelligent algorithms which take the images and video from these cameras and extract useful information from them is essential.

Seeking Employment Around Fall 2022

I currently expect to complete my PhD before or during Fall 2022. I am seeking employment (industrial or academic) beginning directly after the completion of my PhD. If you have or know of an opportunity I might be interested in, please let me know by DMing me on Twitter, or emailing me at my institutional email (fulto081 AT umn.edu)